Adjustable skipping rope with digital counter

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Adjustable Jump Rope With Digital Counter Cordless Skipping Rope Weighted Handle Calorie Count Fitness for Weight Loss Exercise

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Electronic Counting Skip Rope


Steel wire+PVC


3 m (Personal)


With Electronic Counter

8 reviews for Adjustable skipping rope with digital counter

  1. K***a

    Color: BLACK

  2. D***e

    Color: BLACK

  3. E***j

    I received my skipping rope today. I’m not the expert of skipping ropes; however, I wanted to choose a digital one as a starter of this exercise as well as to see my weight loss progress effectively. I would say that it met my expectations as it works properly and the usage is smooth and easy.I can recommend to everyone who is in either beginner or advanced level.

    Color: BLACK

  4. J***g

    I am in love with this jump rope!! Not only does it allow me to count how many jumps but it super lightweight yet durable. It’s definitely great quality for the price ! Love how it shows the calories I’ve burned as well.

    Color: BLACK

  5. b***n

    This product is really good not only the price , this jump romp it helps me to count the jumps since I just want to be focus in my music without counting , you can’t beat the price .Esta salta soga es Smart , cuenta los saltos , puedes poner cuanto pesas (en kilos) puedes medir calorías y también te cuenta el tiempo.

    Color: BLACK

  6. N***O

    Ordered this as part of a 31 day jump rope contest… I was very pleased with the cost for the quality… Even the kids picked it up and started jumping! Bought one for a friend… they loved it too!

    Color: BLACK

  7. v***r

    Upon opening it is not assembles but very easy to put together. I love how you can make the rope to your length. No more having to wrap it around your hands like you did when younger. The digital screen is very easy to use. Weight is used in kg on the screen. Back light helps you see what you are looking at.I love how you can set a timer or how many jumps or just start using it. I would recommend this for someone. Especially when you using jumping rope as cardio.

    Color: BLACK

  8. L***n

    This jump rope is perfect! Not only did it come with its own storage bag but it keeps tracks of every jump. I’m participating in a jump rope challenge and this helps me to keep track throughout the day without restarting the jump count until I hit the restart button. It is also super easy to adjust the length of the rope (for people of different heights). I highly recommend!

    Color: BLACK

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