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1. Advantages of wire roller skipping rope: This kind of skipping rope is not only fast, but also the rope swing is very stable, so you can easily recover from the inaccurate swing
2. The advantage of freely adjusting the length: use the wire cutter to quickly cut the extra length of the skipping rope, easily remove the tow cap, tighten the screw and the roller to fix it, and you can have a professional skipping rope of your own height in a few minutes
3. Get the best state of life: The speed rope we designed can not only take off quickly, but also can last for a long time without blocking. If you use it regularly, you will be in the best state of life!
4. It is also very suitable for exercise at home: this rope is really necessary for you to stay healthy and healthy when you exercise at home.

5. Only suitable for smooth surfaces: Like all steel rope skipping ropes, this rope can only be used on smooth gym surfaces. Do not use it on cement or asphalt, because a rough surface will damage the coating on the cable.

Material: 49 core wire steel wire, pvc coating, PP handle
Color: black, white, transparent (only handle color)
Handle diameter: 2.1cm
Handle length: 12.3cm
Rope diameter: 2.5mm
Rope length: 3m

The size is manually measured, there is a slight difference, please understand!

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Bearing Skip Rope




3 m (Personal)




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