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luminous skipping rope

1. Personalized design, luminous, cool and unique.

2. The weight-bearing skipping rope adopts a bold and heavier design. The weight of the rope body is 2-3 times that of ordinary skipping rope. Although it improves the efficiency of fat burning, it can also increase muscle endurance.

3. The matte soft rubber handle 3mm TPR soft rubber layer, built-in technology, matte sensor is stable, it is not easy to slip even if sweating; the handle weight is about twice the weight of a racing skipping rope, and the rotation is more stable and smooth.

4. Easy to adjust the length. Suitable for all heights. By adjusting the buckle, you can quickly adjust the length.

5. Whether you are a woman, a man, an adult, a beginner or an experienced person, you can start skipping rope anytime, anywhere. It is simple and effective and can help you stay healthy, lose weight and increase endurance.


Color: Blue/Pink/Green
Handle material: ABS
Rope material: MMA fiber
Weight: 185g
Rope size: optical cable 4.5mm diamter and 2.8m length
Battery: No. 5 (without battery in package, and you need prepare 4x AA battery by yourself.)

Package Included:

1 pcs rope skipping


1. Please allow slight chromatic aberration in the photo
2. Due to manual measurement, the size may be deviated

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Mainland China

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Common Skip Rope


PU Rope


2.8 m (Personal)


Comprehensive Fitness Exercise

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