I am a skipping rope lover from China and I am very happy to bring my brand and ropes to everyone! I’m sure many people around the world have asked for this, and I’m finally able to deliver on that promise. See below for more on my skipping story and how the brand has grown so far…  

Finding a quality jump rope can be difficult, and we found it to be a lot harder than we thought. We want to change that and make the highest quality skipping rope easily accessible to aspiring and avid skippers around the world!

Our passion for skipping rope comes from the many physical and mental health benefits it offers, most importantly, you can have fun while staying active. Not only that, skipping rope is super affordable and portable, allowing you to exercise anytime, anywhere. So skipping rope has quickly become a workout staple in our house!

We hope we can provide access and awareness to some of the best jump ropes on the market so that you too can unlock the full potential of your jump rope workouts!

Founder @Aiming

I picked up a rope for the first time…
When my brother introduced it to me. I’m not a natural “fitness” lover, I’m always trying to find a workout that works for me, but skipping rope gives me enough variety and fun to keep going!

I’ve always enjoyed board games and computer games, and work with data/numbers a lot (I have a background in finance, marketing and data analytics). Jumping rope is a sport that really matches these interests and abilities (for me personally!) because you can create combinations and analyze your form to improve and learn new skills.

When I turn 30, I want to do something fun that also helps me stay active and healthy. That’s why I picked up a rope and jumped to this day!

How it became a small business…
Jump Rope has changed my life and my attitude towards physical and mental health, and made me realize the importance of having fun with exercise. I decided to create a platform to share this with others and promote the benefits of skipping rope by providing good information and quality products that the UK seems to lack.

I also have a strong interest in business and it seemed like it made sense to start combining my two passions!

Building this platform has allowed me to promote the benefits of skipping rope globally and help others like me become more active and involved in the sport.

Jump Rope has a retro feel to it, something you would do when you were a kid. Personally, it brings me back to my childhood spirit – keep it simple and have fun at the same time!

The 80s/90s were my childhood and what the brand captured was important to me, paying homage to gaming, TV and other pop culture references from that era.

Inspired by the vaporwave aesthetic, our palette combines neon pinks with blues, purples and blacks. I wanted to capture the vibe of Miami by day and Los Angeles by night through the look and feel of the product and brand.

Start movement for everyone with simple, flexible and affordable tools to improve physical and mental health.

Provides an ongoing way to stay active in uncertain times.

Inject a fun retro aesthetic into the fitness and lifestyle space and help rediscover a fun way to get fit.